Have you been invited to appear on The Nicholas Snow Show? Or are you interested in pitching a guest?

If you’ve been invited to appear on The Nicholas Snow Show, or if you’re pitching a guest to the show, here’s what’s next…


The Nicholas Snow Show


If you haven’t done so already, please email the following to SnowbizNow@gmail.com:

  • Up to five or so high res images to be used as part of the online layout of the episode (landscape-oriented images are preferred over portrait-oriented images, but I can work with both).
  • A couple of descriptive paragraphs about the guest(s) and topic.  Up to five members of your team may participate in the broadcast, but everyone should call-in from different locations, and no speaker phones should be used.
  • Any relevant web links you’d like to promote.
  • Any MP3’s  that may be used in the show (such as the audio of movie trailers, soundbites, songs, etc.)
  • Please choose two or three of the available dates/times (as described below) that will work for you so I may quickly confirm one of them if I choose to invite you (or your client) onto the show.


(Pacific Daylight Time / Pacific Standard Time)

In your email, please choose two or three of the available dates/times (as described below) that will work for you so I may quickly confirm one of them if I choose to invite you (or your client) onto the show.  Keep in mind all dates/times are reflected in PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME or PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, depending upon the time of year.

Interviews may be up to 45 minutes.


Additional dates will be added later.


If/when you are selected to appear on the show, I will confirm via email the date/time for your interview.  Participation is via telephone from anywhere.  If you have a great internet connection and a proper headset with a microphone, you may participate via Skype.  Otherwise, you should use the standard call-in number to be provided.  All episodes are LIVE and upon their conclusion, remain available for listening and sharing via social networks in perpetuity, and embed code is available for each episode on the episode’s official page.

Subscribe to the show on iTunes or from your favorite podcast app.

Thank you for your interest in The Nicholas Snow Show.


POWER UP’s “Die, Angelo, Die” to Film in Palm Springs

Die, Angelo, Die“, the 16th film (and a feature at that!) from the non-profit LGBTQ production company,POWER UP, will be filmed in Palm Springs says the organization’s founder and recent transplant to the city,Stacy Codikow.  “The city itself is alive and a beautiful place for sex, romance and intrigue,” stated Codikow. “It lends itself to be captured in all its glory and we will do that with the support of local residents.”

Die Angelo, Die,” is a Hollywood film noir thriller about revenge, redemption and what remains. What do you do when Hollywood director Angelo Anderson steals your film? The only thing you can do: write a screenplay about it and get revenge! The film will shoot in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California. It’s a sexy, exciting film in which the city of Palm Springs is a vital character.  Residents can get involved and support the mission of POWER UP by visiting the Indiegogo page on or before November 15th, 2014.


Glee’s Matthew Morrison Said What? A Red Carpet Interview with Nicholas Snow

Matthew Morrison

 I was on the red carpet for Nicholas Snow Live with Glee star Matthew Morrison. I prefer not to ask mundane questions like, “Who are you wearing?” Rather, I asked him if he realized the show would have such a dramatic impact on global awareness of LGBT issues, and we also talked about safer sex. Listen up folks if you have an inquiring mind!

Listen to the interview!

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